What is MuniRent?

Munirent is all about Collaborative Government. Our technology empowers governments to reduce costs, increase utilization and improve efficiency. MuniRent takes collaboration to the next level by making it very easy to share assets internally and externally.

MuniRent has offices in Ann Arbor, MI and Oakland, CA

What products does MuniRent offer?

MuniRent offers two products:

  • MuniRent Patriot Plan is an online reservation system for large organizations. It encourages heavy duty equipment sharing inside government agencies.
  • MuniRent Freedom Plan is an equipment sharing program to promote external sharing between different units of governments within a region.

How does it work?

After an agency signs up for MuniRent Patriot or MuniRent Freedom, authorized personnel can reserve equipment as follows:

  1. Access MuniRent online reservation system and search for available equipment.
  2. Click to reserve equipment on specific dates. An e-mail and SMS is sent to the owner.
  3. Owner of equipment accepts request (usually same day).
  4. Transportation is arranged between owner and borrower.

I usually call people on the phone, what is the advantage of using MuniRent?

The main advantage of using MuniRent is to save time.

When a participating government agency uses MuniRent internally, for example, information about equipment details and availability is open to anyone with access to it. Instead of finding the right person to ask, find the right equipment, and let MuniRent's notification system alert the owner there is a pending request.

Are there cost savings associated with the internal MuniRent Patriot Plan?


With MuniRent Patriot plan, crew supervisors can now find equipment internally so they don't have to rent it from external companies. Your organization can now reduce their equipment rental budget by 70%. Increased utilization also means you can right-size your fleet and enjoy cost-savings selling low use equipment.

Why is this offered to government agencies?

State, Local and Federal government agencies are under a lot of pressure to operate fleets efficiently with constantly shrinking budgets. Public Works directors and fleet managers are trying to get their job done with fewer resources and creative use of their equipment and personnel. MuniRent has emerged to address this specific issue.

If you are interested in using this service for a private company, please contact us at the bottom of this page.

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